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Smiling family - periodontics at Dr. Kessler's office


Gum Diseases – We treat the earliest stages to the most advanced periodontal diseases.

Bone regeneration procedures – These are designed to repair destroyed jawbone both around existing teeth as well as to prepare the jaw for implant placement.

Sinus augmentation procedures – These are done to create space for denal implant placement when there isn’t enough jawbone to place teeth.

Temperomandibular joint therapy (TMJ) – This is done to eliminate jaw joint pain, possible headaches, neckaches and related soreness and discomfort.

Occlusal equilibration – We do this to treat nightime tooth clenching and grinding – which can cause tooth loosening, bone loss, and soreness in the jaw muscles.

Dental Implant placement – Teamed with the restorative dentist and the dental laboratory, we perform these procedures to save your smile, to allow you to chew again. Or,for an extreme makover, to provide you with a totally new smile and a new you.

Laser surgery – Lasers are used for bloodless tissue vaporization – the simple and easy way.

Periodontal plastic surgery
– There are many reasons why we do periodontal plastic surgery. We use it to eliminate a “gummy” smile, to provide the proper and even tooth length, to cover exposed roots by gum grafting, to eliminate frena “pull” on the gum, to eliminate “tongue – tie”, to crown-lengthen decayed or broken teeth so your dentist can properly restore teeth instead of extracting them. And, of course, it can be done for the cosmetic improvement of your smile.

Regular periodic cleanings – Our staff of dental hygenists are always here to help you maintain your healthy smile.

Detailed oral hygiene review – We will review your dental history in detail to make sure you get the care you need.

After care follow through РWe provide supportive periodontal maintenance following your periodontal treatment.

Nitrous oxide relaxation – Available by request.

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