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The Pinhole Surgical Technique

An article from Dr. Kessler’s column in the Pinecrest Tribune about the new gum graft method called the Pinhole Surgical Technique:

JANUARY 11 – 24, 2016

One of my girlfriends, who lives out
West told me she had gum recession and
some roots of her teeth exposed. she said
she had gum grafting with no stitches
needed. what do you know about this?

You are referring to an outstanding technique developed by a Dr Chao, known as the Pinhole Surgical Technique or Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation. There are no incisions, no suturing, no grafting tissue from your palate. The post-op is relatively uneventful, with minimal discomfort and swelling. As the name says, the whole procedure is done by just making a pinhole for access to carry out the procedure. Success rate is very high.

Untreated gum recession can create many problems. As the gum recedes the underlying bone holding the teeth also recedes. This jeopardizes the life of the tooth, can result in sensitivity to sweets or thermal (hot or cold) problems. There are also cosmetic considerations. If one or two teeth have a lot of recession it affects your smile, hence the expression “long in the tooth.” Gums recede for many reasons, over zealous brushing, hard toothbrush heads, teeth grinding, poor oral hygiene, plaque buildup and bacterial irritation.

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For a reprint of this article as it appeared in the Pinecrest Tribune, click this link:  Oral Health Advice20160111.

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