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About Dr. Kessler

Dr. Kessler studying a patient's x-ray, prepping for a dental implant.

Dr. Kessler studying a patient’s x-ray.

Dr. Lawrence Kessler has been in practice in the Miami area for over 40 years. He taught periodontics at the Dade County Dental Research Clinic as well as Mount Sinai. He is passionate about his patients, always striving to exceed expectations. As an alumnus of Northwestern University, he takes great joy interviewing prospective students who will someday be our future leaders. He is active in the community, volunteering his time to the arts and environmental issues.

Dr. Kessler has been interviewed and highlighted in The New York Times for his expertise in the dental implant field. He is a contributing author of periodontal and dental implant articles in the medical health advice column in our local community newspapers.

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About the Staff

Our warm, friendly, knowledgeable, highly trained and experienced staff has been with Dr. Kessler for over 30 years. We strive to exceed the patient’s expectations by using the latest and most innovative techniques learned during our on-going continuing education courses.


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